How To Live Stream A Meeting Using Google Meet


With Google Meet, everyone with a Google account, has temporary access to all of their premium features including the ability to live stream meetings. Live streaming a meeting can be very useful, especially if you have a large audience. 


Google Calendar and Google Meets

Hint: Livestream only available for users with an email address. This will not work on personal email addresses.


Hint: Please note that when your participants join your live stream they will not be able to interact with you and you will not be able to hear them. They will be able to watch and listen to your meeting or presentation. 


1. Sign into your gmail account and create a new event in your calendar. This can accessed by clicking on the square comprised of dots at the top right of you screen and selecting the "Calendar" app when the menu appears. 

google apps button   

google calendar button

2. Select "+ Create" in the upper left part of you screen. 

create event on google calendar

3. Create the event, fill in all information and then select "More options".

google calendar event more options button

4. Select the section in the advanced options that says "Add conferencing" and then select "Google Meet".

add conferencing

5. Next, select the arrow that appear in the Join Hangouts Meet box and at the bottom select "Add live stream". 

add live stream


6. Once you select live stream the calendar invite will include a link for your participant to click in which they can join the live stream. 


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