COVID-19 Remote Phone Set Up

Google Voice 

The Google Voice phone provided has been pre-provisioned by ITS and will get it’s configuration once it has been successfully connected to the Internet.  The Polycom VVX 250 Google Voice Desk Phone is configured like a typical home or mobile phone and does not follow the same configuration as a campus phone.  As a result, users should NOT dial “9” (to get an outside line) and must dial the full number when calling campus or off-campus numbers alike.
For example, to connect to campus extension “7973”, you must dial the full number “718-862-7973”. 

Polycom VVX250 Setup

ITS may deliver or ship a single package which will include the following components:

  • Polycom VVX250 Desk Phone
  • Handset
  • Handset Stand
  • Handset coiled cord
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Power Cable
  • USB WIFI Adapter

** When opening the box, verify that you’ve received all of the components above before disposing of packaging.**



image of a phoneimage of usb wireless connectionimage of adapter


Google Voice and the Polycom VVX Desk Phones are supported through ITS ONLY.

~ For support, contact or 718-862-7973 ~


Connect the provided power supply cable to the power port on the rear of the phone.  DO NOT plug in the power supply to the wall until you have connected ONE of the network methods listed below.

Network Connection

Preferred:  Wired Connection

Connect the wired network port (closest to power port) to a LAN port on your home router.
If you choose this connection, do NOT connect the WIFI adapter.
Plug the power adapter into the wall.

-- OR --

Alternate:  WIFI Adapter

If you do not have access to a wired network port or your home router is in a different room, you may alternatively connect the supplied USB WIFI adapter to the USB port on the right ride of the phone (near #3).
Plug the power adapter into the wall.

WIFI Configuration

1 - Click the “Home” button on the Polycom VVX 250.
2 - Highlight “Settings” by using the arrow keys next to the Home button, then click the “Square” button (in the center of the arrow keys) to select “Settings”.

3 - Highlight “WIFI” by using the down arrow, then click the “Square” button (in the center of the arrow keys)

4 - Ensure that “Enabled” is selected and then click the button below the LCD screen corresponding to “Scan”

5 - Select your WIFI network from the list

6 - Using the keypad, enter your WIFI password


Call Forwarding and Advanced Call Routing

Once your phone has contacted the network and (automatically) received its configuration, your remote phone number will be shown in the top right of the LCD screen.  For example, you may see something like “+17188626200” - which would allow someone to call you at 718-862-6200 or from on campus at x6200.

Call Forwarding - Office Phone

Most users will opt to forward their office desk phone to their remote desk phone using the “forward unconditional” feature - meaning all calls received from their office desk phone would be auto-forwarded to their new remote desk phone.  This is by-far the simplest approach. “Forward Unconditional” can be set from the office desk phone menu or by coordinating remotely with ITS.

Advanced Call Routing

For offices with “main numbers” that ring multiple office phones, please contact to plan an advanced configuration that would would ring multiple remote phones.


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