How To Use On The Hub To Get Windows 10 Free


If you are a student at Manhattan College and need access to Windows 10, you can download it for free through Manhattan College's "On The Hub" store. Please access the store via this link or by typing in your web browser's URL bar. 


Windows devices.

Hint: If you have a Mac device/OS please visit this link and follow the directions for downloading Windows 10 once you obtain the product key. 


Create an "On The Hub" Account

1. Begin by accessing the store via this link. Once you are in the store, on the top left corner of you screen you will need to select "Register"

register button

2. You will be directed to a page requesting your "Organization Email". Please fill this info in with your Manhattan College email ending in "".

3. Fill in all of the requested account information. When you get to the bottom of the form, it will ask you to choose "Group of which you are a member". Select, "Students".

  • It is important that you select "Students" or you will not be able to access the free software.

4. Once you have created you account you will be directed to a page with a message telling you that you need to verify your email.
You can verify your email by clicking the link in an email that will be sent to your "" email once you have created you account. 

Manhattan college link

5. Once you click the link your account have been verified and you will be able to download the software. 

Download Windows 10 From "On The Hub"

1. Begin by logging into your "On The Hub" account via this link

log in button

2. Once you are logged in, Select the "Windows 10" icon pictured below. 

windows 10 link

3. Select "Add to Cart".

add to cart button

4. After you have added the software to your cart you will be presented with a "User Acceptance Form".
You will need to sign your user name which is your Manhattan college email that ends in and your full name at the bottom and then select, "Accept".

sign in with id

5. After you sign the User Acceptance form you be redirected to a new screen that will show you your product key. To begin to download you can select, "Get Started". 

click get started button

6. From there you use the links to begin you installation based on the current version of windows on your computer. Make sure you use the product key you were given. 

upgrading to windows

Hint: If you have a Mac device/OS please visit this link and follow the directions for downloading Windows 10


"On The Hub" Benefits

While Windows 10 is the only free software at the moment, feel free to peruse the other software's listed. They are available for purchase at a discounted rate! 

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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