How To Remove a Double GridView Extension


This article describes what to do when you have more than one Grid View extension installed on Google Chrome.

Please Note: Grid View extension is no longer required, Tiled View has the ability to view up to 46 participants


Google Meet on your computer. 


You may see this message if you have more than one GridView extension installed. 

image of multiple grid view extension error


Step 1.

In the top right corner of your Google Chrome browser click More. Then click Settings.

image of more button  image of settings button


Step 2.

A new tab will open. On the bottom left of the browser, click Extensions

image of settings menu


Step 3. 

A new tab will open that shows you all of the extensions that are downloaded on your Google Chrome. Find the duplicate Grid View extension and click Remove. Then click Remove again.

image of remove extension button  image of confirm remove button


Hint: If you are still experiencing issues after uninstalling the extension, you may need to clear your cache. Please refer to this article for further assistance with clearing your cache. 

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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