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Google Meets GridView is a Google Chrome extension for Google Meets that will enable you to view everyone on the video call in a Grid format. You can download the extension here. Sometimes when a user is having trouble viewing all of the participants in the meeting, its is because their GridView features are not set to the right settings. 


google meet grid view extension

Viewing Features

 grid icon  This grid icon on the top right of the Google Meets call will bring down a slew of added settings for the Grid View option.

option for google grid view

  1. The first option will allow you to only view participants that are displaying video output. 

  2. The second option would show and highlight the people who are currently speaking. 

  3. The third option will allow you to see what your video output looks like. The default version of Grid View will not show your face.

  4. The fourth option will make Grid View the default version of Google Meets.

  5. The fifth option will record the meeting, just like the basic record option in Google Meets, but specifically for Grid View.


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