ATS - Creating a Requisition for Administrator, Faculty & Staff Employment


Before you begin the Requisition Process you must complete the Position Description
The link you created for this position will be copied and pasted into Section 6, Optional Internal Only Field:  Position Description

1 -  Access the ATS system


Hint: The ATS Help Resources and Docs located on right side of screen: Select Sign In link 

image depicting the ATS system sign in page

2 - On the requisitions main screen, click the blue "New Requisition" button

image depicting the new requisition page

3 -  At the "New Requisition Setup" screen, select the appropriate requisition TEMPLATE from the top left:

Hint: It is IMPORTANT that the proper TEMPLATE is selected BEFORE the hiring manager starts to fill out the requisition. The requisition template ensures that the appropriate approval process and other important settings are correct.


image depicting the template list

4 - Complete the "Required Fields" as follows:
image depicting the required fields for the requisition

Job Title:  Enter the position title (ex. Assistant Director of IT)              

Recruiter: Leave the default value of "Human Resources"

Hiring Manager:  Select the person who will lead the hiring  process in your department.  Should be same person creating the requisition.
Open Date:  Earliest date that job should be open for applications.                                                                                                                                                                               

Department: This is the department where the employee will be working.
Office:  Leave the default value of "NY-Manhattan College"

5 - Update the  "Req Approval Process" as follows:

Hint: Note below image is a requisition for an Administrator position, a Faculty position will have an additional Authorized Approver.


Requisition Approval List of names


Update the  the values for "Second Approval Email" and "Third Approval Email" as follows:

First Approval Email remains as the First ​​​​Approval Email.
Second Approval Email: Select the department head or director of the department where this position will report.
Third Approval Email: Select the Vice President of the Department.

Fourth Approval Email remains Fourth Approval Email.  

Fifth Approval Email remains as the Last or the Fifth Approval Email

6 - Update the "Optional Internal Only" Fields as follows:

Required Internal Only Fields:
Type Select the appropriate Budgeted or Unbudgeted option.  This option should be consistent with the requisition template. (Budgeted vs. Unbudgeted.) Typical options will be "Budgeted Replacement," "Budgeted Addition," or "Unbudgeted Addition." If you are unsure of the type to select, discuss with HR.  

EEO Type:  HR will complete this section

Req ID:  Leave blank

Salary:  Enter the budgeted or requested salary.  This information is NOT shared with applicants via the ATS.

HR - Unbudgeted - Explain: If this is an unbudgeted position (or under budget), enter an explanation here that will be reviewed by the Office of Finance prior to approval.

HR - Budget Position Control Number:  Enter the 6-digit position control number.

HR - Full/Part Time:  Enter whether the position is Full-time or Part-time.

HR - Replacement for:  Enter the name of the person who vacated this position (if applicable).

HR  - Position Description: Paste the link to the Position Description you created using the ATS - Creating a Position Description - Human Resources KBA 

Industry:  Leave Blank - HR will complete this field.    

Job Function:  Leave Blank - HR will complete this field.

image depicting the unbudgeted addition list

7. Update the Required Internal Only Field as follows:

Position Type:  Select Faculty, Administrator, or Staff

8. Paste and update appropriate sections of the Position Description in the Job Description section.  

The Job Description sections features a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to format text and any other appropriate content. The Job Description section is what will be posted for prospective candidates to view.  This section should be considered PUBLIC and only include information that should be shared with prospective candidates and job posting sites.


9. Update the Authorized Users section to include anyone that will participate in the recruiting process.

Ensure that the first 4 fields are not changed.  The first 4 fields include staff from the HR office that will need access to all requisitions.

You can always add more Authorized Users later.  If you need more than 2 additional Authorized Users, save the requisition, then reopen for editing. The option to add more users will appear.

Hint: It is important to add any person who needs access to view the resumes to this section, if they are not included here, they will not be able to view the position or resumes. If you are creating the requisition you must add yourself as an Authorized User.


image depicting the authorized users list 

10 - Save the Requisition Request by clicking the blue Save and Post button at the top right of the page:

image depicting the save and post button

11 -Update the posting options as follows

Public Company Board:  Update "Post ON/OFF" button to ON and timing Immediately

Internal Company Board: Update "Post ON/OFF" button to ON and timing Immediately

Once the requisition is approved by ALL Approvers, the requisition will become active and automatically posted to the Job Openings List as well as a number of job recruiting sites.  The sites listed under "Automatic Feeds" will be automatically notified once a requisition is ACTIVE. All jobs posted to the "Public Company Board" will also be posted to the sites listed in the "Automatic Feeds: Section.

image depicting the options for posting job openings

12 - Enable "Custom Source Links" to additionally promote job openings on other discipline specific or targeted job sites.

Activate Custom Source links by toggling the On/Off switch to ON (green). For each custom site, use the link provided to manually post job requisitions to custom sources.  Using the link provided (Copy Link button) for each site will track candidate who have applied for custom sites and allow HR to track effectiveness of custom sources. The provided link will also direct the prospective candidate to the correct requisition.

When you return to the “Requisitions” screen, you should see your new job requisition with status Pending which reflects that your requisition was created pending approval.  (You may need to refresh the screen to see the recently submitted requisition).

image depicting the requisitions screen with your new job requisition

Once the requisition has been approved  you will see the Status updated to “Open.”  The requisition will also become available on and ready for candidates to apply.

image depicting when the job requisition is updated to open

Click on link Create a Requisition for a video and detailed written instructions from ClearCompany ATS detailing how to go through this process.


For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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