What Can I Do with a Jamboard?

What is a Jamboard?

A Jamboard is a cloud based collaborative whiteboard which allows people to sketch out ideas and inspire each other.

Just like GSuite, the Jamboard allows people to collaborate easier on projects.

What can I do with a Jamboard?

With the Jamboard, you can:

  • Collaborate
  • Connect
  • Share
  • Create

You can also touch Search the Web from the Jamboard toolbar to search for relevant content from Google. Along with that, you can host live sessions, created and edit content, control who can remotely access a jam, and connect to other Jamboards.

Jamboard is streamlined with devices such as tablets and smartphones to perform all of the editing tasks. However, with the Jamboard App on smartphones, you only have a subset of the editing features. Both devices however, allow you to access files from Google Drive to use in a Jam. If you only want to view a Jam, you can use the web viewer.

Feature Availability

What do you want to do?

Device availability

Add a file from Drive to a jam

Tablet, Phone

View a list of all jams that you can access

Jamboard, Tablet, Phone, Web viewer

Open a jam on a nearby board

Tablet, Phone

Join nearby boards

Tablet, Phone

Join a remote jam

Tablet, Phone, Web viewer


Add more people to a Jam

Jamboard, Tablet ,Phone


Turn on access code

Jamboard, Tablet, Phone

Join a meeting

Jamboard, Tablet

Present to meeting

Jamboard, Tablet

Send a screenshot a jam frame

Jamboard, Tablet, Phone


Drawing Tools


How to use it


Choose a pen and use your finger or a stylus to draw. You can draw with other people at the board at the same time or collaborate with people on the tablet app.


Choose the eraser and erase with your finger, a stylus, or a Jamboard eraser. You can use more than one finger to make the eraser bigger. Touch and hold the Erase tool to get the Clear Board option.

Note: The eraser only works with the drawing layer. If you want to erase an object from the object layer, touch and hold it and drag it to the bottom of the frame.

Shape recognition

Choose the Shape recognition tool and use your finger or a stylus to draw a shape. The tool converts your drawing into a shape object.

Handwriting recognition

Choose the Handwriting recognition tool and use your finger or the stylus to write text. The tool converts your handwriting into printed text.


Choose the Select tool and use your finger or the stylus to outline a drawing. You can then drag it to move it around the frame or pinch to resize it. The Select tool works with the object layer and drawing layer.

Laser pointer

Choose the laser pointer and use your finger or the stylus to temporarily highlight items on the board.


Add objects 


How to use it

Add a Drive file

You can add a file from Drive on the phone or tablet app. This icon is not on the Jamboard itself. Currently, it is only in the apps. For details, see Use mobile apps and web viewer.

Search web

Choose the Search web tool and enter text to search for information. For details, see Add images and content from the web. On the keyboard that appears, you can use Glide Typing in addition to the regular keyboard.

Search images

Use the Search images tool to find copyright–free images online. For details, see Add images and content from the web. On the keyboard that appears, you can use Glide Typing in addition to the regular keyboard.

Insert sticker or stencil

Choose the Insert sticker or stencil tool to add images from the gallery to your jam. Stickers you add to the frame exist as objects which you can easily resize and move around.

Insert note

Add a text note to your jam. Double-tap a note to edit the text or change the color. To duplicate a note, touch and hold the note and then tap the duplicate icon in the top-right corner.

Take photo

Choose the Take photo tool to add an image to your jam.  Add an image stored on your device or tap Take photo  again to take a new photo.


Menu Options


How to do it

Save a jam

To save your jam and access it later, tap Menu Add owner and share. Enter your email address, tap Add Confirm owner

Share your jam

To share and collaborate with others in real time, tap Menu Add people. Add their email address and tap their name. To remove them, next to their name in the list, tap Remove .

To share an access code with other users in your organization, tap On to turn Link sharing on to display the access code. Then share the code with the other users.

Join a live jam

From the menu, select Join a meeting and enter the access code. To access it after the meeting, get added as a collaborator.

Present to a meeting

Tap Menu Join a meeting and then enter the meeting name. Tap on to Present to meeting.

Adjust volume and screen brightness

Change volume and brightness levels by selecting the respective settings in the menu.


Use the Jamboard tools

Use the Jamboard toolbar on the side of the screen to add and edit content in a Jam. You can move the toolbar to the left or right side of the screen.

Note: A Jamboard and the Jamboard tablet app have the same editing tools.

Navigate between Jam pages

You use the frame bar at the top of the board or app to navigate between the different pages (or frames) in your jam.

  • Tap the frame bar to see what pages other collaborators are on.

  • Touch and hold a page to drag it to a new spot.

  • Swipe a page down to delete it.

  • Swipe a page up to make a copy.


Move Objects

To reposition an object, touch and hold it until a green border appears around the object. You can then drag it to a new location, pinch it to resize it or drag it to the bottom of the frame to delete it.

Use Undo or Redo if you make a mistake (or change your mind).

Understanding the Drawing Layer and Object Layer

When you create content, you need to understand the difference between the drawing layer and object layer.

Drawing layer — Anything that is written or drawn using freestyle tools, such as a pen from the Draw tool Draw, is part of the drawing layer. The drawing layer always appears on top of an object layer. To move a section of the drawing layer, circle it with the Select tool Select and drag it to the new location. To erase a drawing, select the Erase tool Erase and rub out the object with your finger, the stylus, or the Jamboard eraser.

Note: Items made with the Handwriting recognition tool Handwriting recognition and the Shape recognition tool Shape recognition are not part of the drawing layer. They are part of the object layer.
Object layer— Any defined visual or text content, converted shapes, or images, are part of the object layer. Objects can be placed on top of each other. The most recently touched object is always on top. However, the drawing layer is always on top of the object layer.

Tool Limitations

  • Enlarging — To enlarge a drawing, you need to first select it with the Select tool. Then, pinch 2 fingers and pull them apart to enlarge the object.

  • Grouping — You cannot currently group drawings and objects in a frame. You can however, move objects and drawings together by using the Select tool.

Host a Live Session

You can use the Jamboard to create, host, and edit Jamboard sessions. For information about how to use the Jamboard tablet app, phone app, or web viewer, see their respective articles under Mobile apps and web.

Session Basics --  open, save, present, and close

Important: If you do not assign an owner to a Jam and you close out of the session, your frames will not be saved.

  1. Tap Add  to start a new jam.

  2. Tap Menu Add owner and share and enter your email address to add yourself as the owner. Your content is now saved as you work.

  3. (Optional) To access a saved jam on a Jamboard, use the phone or tablet app to select the jam from your My Jams list. Tap Push to board  and select the nearby board you want to push it to.

  4. (Optional) To present your jam to a meeting, tap Menu Join a meeting and enter the meeting name or meeting code from your Google Calendar meeting request.

  5. (Optional) To connect 2 or more boards, tap Menu Add people and make sure link sharing is on to get an access code. On the other board or boards, tap Menu Join a meeting and enter the access code.

  6. Tap Menu Close this Jam to exit a jam. You do not have to sign out. The next person at the board will not be able to see any previous jams. Later if you need to get back into your jam, the owner and collaborators can access it using the My Jams tab on the web viewer or on the phone or tablet app.

Present to a Meeting

You can join meetings and present from the board using Google Meet. To connect, you use the meeting name or meeting code from the event in Google calendar.

Additionally, you can push content to a meeting from the phone app or tablet app.

To present your jam to a meeting:

Present from a board

  1. Tap Menu , then Join a meeting.

  2. Enter the meeting name or meeting code.

  3. Tap On to present to meeting.

  4. (Optional) Tap Off to stop presenting.

Present from the tablet and phone apps

  1. Make sure you are signed in to your G Suite account on your phone or tablet.

  2. Open the Jamboard app.

  3. From the My Jams, select the jam you want to share.

  4. Tap More, then Join a meeting.

  5. Enter the meeting name or meeting code and tap Return or Join.

  6. Tap to present to meeting.

  7. (Optional) Tap to stop presenting to meeting.

Add People to a Jam

To let people take part in a live jam, they need you to send them the access code.

Generate an access code:

  1. Tap menu, then Add People
  2. Tap Link sharing is on to generate the code.

Tell app users to:

  1. Tap menu, then Join Jam.
  2. Enter the code
  3. If they are using the web viewer, they need to click Join and then enter the code.

Add users as collaborators:

  1. Tap menu, then Share
  2. Enter their email address

They can use the Phone or Tablet app to make changes to the Jam.

Send people a copy of all the frames in a Jam (PDF or PNG format):

  1. Tap menu, then Send a copy
  2. Select PDF or PNG
  3. Enter their email address to send an email notification

Note: You cannot access Google Drive directly from the board. To add files and photos from Drive to the Jam, use your phone or tablet app.

Navigate between different frames

To manage the number of frames in your document and navigate between them, you use the frame bar at the top of the screen.

  • To add a frame, tap Add  .

  • To copy a frame, drag it up.

  • To delete a frame,  drag it down.

  • To move a frame, tap and hold it to select it and then drag it to the new location.

When you have multiple frames, you see a thumbnail view of them within the frame bar. You also see a profile image of your collaborators above the frame that they are working on.

Add Images and Content from the Web

You can use the Jamboard or companion apps to search the web for information or to find copyright-free images to add to your jam.

If you want to add Google Drive content to a jam, then use the Jamboard companion app on a tablet or phone.

Search for content

Use the Search web tool  to search for content on the web. Once you find what you are looking for, you can add an image of the webpage to your jam.  For example, if you add a map to a jam, you can then add additional notes to it.

  1. Tap Search web  .

  2. Search for a word or phrase. Your search results are displayed in the window.

  3. Navigate to the content you want to use.

  4. Tap Crop and select the information you want to use.

  5. Tap Enter. This adds the selected information to your jam.

Search for images

To find copyright-free images, use the Search images tool . The tool is useful if you want to include images in a presentation.

  1. Tap Search images .

  2. Search for a word or phrase.

  3. Tap the image to add it to your jam.

Using the Jamboard App

To create a jam, join a live session, and add content to a jam, you can use the Jamboard companion app on your tablet. It has the same editing features as a Jamboard.

Minimum device requirements

  • Android—Tablet running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later

  • Apple® iOS®—iPad® running iOS 9 or later

Download the app

  • On an Android tablet, download the app from the Play Store.

  • On an Apple iOS tablet, download the app from the App Store.

Join a Session

Join a nearby session

If you are near a Jamboard, you can join a live session using Bluetooth®.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth® for your device.

  2. Open the Jamboard app.

  3. Tap Nearby Boards. The Jamboard app searches for and finds any boards nearby that are currently broadcasting.

  4. Tap the board name to join the live session.

  5. An alert is displayed at the top of the Jamboard that is hosting the session.

  6. Ask someone by the board to tap Select to allow you to join the jam.

Join a remote session

If you are not near a Jamboard, you can join a live session remotely by using the board’s access code.

  1. Ask someone near the Jamboard to generate the access code and send it to you. For details, see Add people to a jam.

  2. Tap Menu, then Join Jam

  3. Enter the access code and tap Join.

Drive Content on a Jamboard

Add Google Drive content to a Jam

Jamboards are often in shared or public places. For security reasons, they are not attached to a specific person’s G Suite account. Therefore, you cannot access Drive content directly from the Jamboard. To add Drive content to the board, you need to use the Jamboard app.

Common file types that you can push from a phone to a Jamboard include Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files as well as Image files (PNG, JPEG, GIF) and PDFs.

  1. Open the Jamboard app.

  2. Create a new jam or open an existing jam

  3. Tap Add a Drive file .

  4. Tap the Drive file that you want to share. If this is a live session, the file appears on the Jamboard.

  5. (Optional) If the file has multiple pages, the person at the board can pull out and expand a single page from the file.

Click here for more Jamboard Documentation from Google. 

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