How to Generate a Quote for a Custom Faculty Laptop Initiative (FLI)


If you select the "Custom" option for your Faculty Laptop Initiative (FLI) laptop, you will need to follow the steps below.


1. Identify the specifications for the computer that you desire. 

  • ITS recommends using the standard model as a baseline. 
  • ITS recommends considering extended and accidental damage warranties.

2. If there is a preferred make and model, specify that as well. 

  • (Note that not all models are available as a custom.  We are limited to what approved vendors can sell us.)

3. Provide this information to whomever orders items for your department. 

  • Ask them to perform a Request for Quote (RFQ) through Unimarket

4. Choose the desired quote

  • Meet with your Dean to get pre-approval of the selected quote.

5.  Fill out the FLI form in Self Service and link to the approved quote. 

  • You can save quote in Google drive and share that way. 
  • Best practice is to share the form so anyone with the link can view. This allows for a quicker approval process.

For more information review the Faculty Laptop Initiative Category in the TDX Knowledge Base. 

This section contains information and guides relating to the FLI process which include:

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.



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