Faculty Laptop Initiative (FLI) Timeline

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Below is the timeline of the Faculty Laptop Initiative (FLI) cycle.


Remember that the FLI is only for Full Time Faculty members.  


  1. Cycle opens in early February prior to beginning of Fiscal Year (July 1st begins fiscal year) to allow ample time for eligibility to be set and devices to be procured.
  2. Deans set eligibility 
  3. Email with instructions and link to form sent to eligible Faculty
  4. Faculty submits form
  5. If Custom chosen, automated email sent to Dean requesting approval (faculty should work with deans prior to form submissions to ensure approval)
  6. If Custom, dean approves
  7. Automated confirmation email sent to Faculty and ticket generated
  8. Orders will not start until the fiscal year begins July 1st
  9. Client Services orders/processes/delivers laptop post July 1st of fiscal year
  10. Note that the FLI cycle closes February 1st of the fiscal year 
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