How to Provision a Jamboard



This guide will demonstrate how to provision a new Google Jamboard.


Google Jamboard.

Provisioning a Jamboard

  1. Make sure the Jamboard is set up and mounted properly. Ensure it is connected to power and press the power button on the right of the board

  2. Connect to wifi (jaspernet)

  3. Once that is completed an 8 character activation code ill pop up on the screen 

  4. Login to your Google admin account

  5. Navigate to Devices and then click on Jamboard devices 

  6. Select the yellow add device button 

  7. Enter the Jamboards name, location, and 8 character activation code 

  8. Click Activate 


Setting up Video Conferencing

  1. Select the Jamboard you are setting up in Jamboard Devices

  2. Navigate to Device Settings and click on Video Conferencing 

  3. Click on Configure now and allow fullscreen conferencing

  4. Select Save


Adding Jamboard to Resource

  1. Go to Devices

  2. Select Jamboard

  3. Select the device you will be adding to a resource

  4. Scroll down until you see videoconferencing configuration, click on the arrow 

  5. Check off pair to a room calendar

  6. Choose the resource the jamboard will be added to

  7. Click Save


Additional Resources 

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