Adding a VPN Connection to Windows


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connects a remote employee securely to the Manhattan College network
These are instructions for using Viscosity for Windows.



Hint: If you do not already have Viscosity installed we are now using Open VPN. For more information on Open VPN click here.
If you are an existing Viscosity user you can continue to use it. 


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connects remote employees securely to the Manhattan College network. Viscosity is a VPN client that allows you to secure your network.

If you are installing for the first time you must request OpenVPN files from our Systems Group. Once Systems has shared these files with you, you can continue with the following procedure.  If you are setting up a VPN for a client, it is necessary to have the client with you because one of the final steps requires they input their Jaspernet ID and password.

  1. Contact Systems Group and create a TeamDynamix Ticket Task, systems will create and share a .ovpn file with you.
    • (You can't continue with the process until  you have the .ovpn file from Systems)
  2. Install Viscosity VPN Software for Windows device:

Viscosity VPN Software Download Link

This image depicts the download page asking which operating system the user is using

  1. Create a Viscosity desktop shortcut.
  2. Once the Viscosity software has been installed you will have to upload the .ovpn file to Viscosity:
  3. Download the .ovpn file that you were provided.
  4. Double click Viscosity desktop icon
  5. Visible in system tray (lower right of desktop screen)
  6. Select the Viscosity Icon on lower right of screen
  7. Double click to choose Preferences
  8. Preferences Window will open. This will initially be blank. This image depicts the connections tab of the preferences menu
  1. The .ovpn file will now have to be uploaded. On the lower left hand side, select the "+" symbol.
  2. Select Import Connection
  3. Select From File select the plus icon followed by the import connection and then the from file buttons
  4. Next, you will notice that a VPN connection will appear under the connections list.
  5. After you hit Connect you will be prompted to Log In. You will need to enter your Jaspernet Credentials.
  6. Connection in Progress: (note that 

This image depicts how the user must enter their username and password

  1. Successful Connection: 

(note lock turns from green to orange)
This image depicts how the lock icon turns from green to orange indicating that the process was successful


  1. Remember to register the Product under About location.
    • To register this product  you should contact the Systems Group at  Manhattan College for the Product Key
  2. When you are asked to type in the Name:  Manhattan College
    • Serial Number:  type in Serial number (that you received from Client Services)

This image depicts the about page of viscosity

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.



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