Event and Location reservation system

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The Event Wizard, Broken Down Page-by-page

Information and instruction guides regarding the Event Wizard.

Starring things

Information and instruction guides regarding starring things.

Articles (11)

Add a RSVP Link to Event in 25Live

This article explains how to add an RSVP form link to a 25Live event.

Copying an Event

How to Copy an Event in 25Live

Editing an Event in 25Live

Instructions for editing a previously created 25Live event.
Note that only the person who made the event can edit it.

How to Check 25Live Audit Log

A guide on checking the 25Live audit log to see the changes made to an event and who made them.

Introduction to 25Live

An introduction to 25Live

Quick Search

How to quick search in 25Live

Running a Report using the Advanced Search Feature in 25Live

Article outlines how to run a report using the Advanced Search feature in the 25Live Pro Version.

Tracking Event Attendance in 25Live with Jasper ID Card Scan

Instructions for how to track event attendance to campus events using an iOS app, MC Event Swipe.

Using 25Live Mobile View

A video guide on how to use the mobile view of 25Live.

Using the Event Wizard

A guide on how to use the Event Wizard