ATS - Posting a Requisition - Student Employment

Posting a Requisition - Student Employment

1 - Access the ATS system -


Upon authenticating to the ATS system, you will see the “Requisitions” screen showing your existing requisitions.


2 - Click the “New Requisition” button.

image depicting the new requisition button


3 - At the top left of the screen, click the “Select a template” menu and select “-NEW Student Employment-”.

Note: you have the option of Graduate Assistant or NEW Student Employment
image depicting the option for selecting graduate assistant or new student employee


4 - Complete the following fields:

Job Title:  Enter the Job Title for the position.

Hiring Manager:  Select the primary person that will be responsible for interviewing and hiring for this position.

Open Date:  [optional] change the “Open Date” to a future date when you would like the job posted (defaults to today’s date).

Department: Select YOUR department from the list.  This is the department where the student will be working (i.e. Orgn).

Position Type (Required Internal Only Fields): select either “Campus Employment” or “Federal Work Study”

** All other fields should remain the defaults from the “--Student Employment--” template.  (you can omit all “HR” fields)

Job Description:  Enter a complete job description utilizing the template provided as a starting point. If you are copying and pasting a previous job description, remember to delete any reference to asking applicants to send resumes directly to Human Resources, as this will only delay the processing of candidates.

5 - Advanced Options - Req Approval Process

Be sure to leave “” as the last approval email. is the only approval you need.

image depicting the advanced options


6 - Authorized Users

You may add 3 additional “Authorized Users” - colleagues who should have access to manage this job requisition.  This will commonly include other office managers or secretaries as well as anyone else in your department that managers student workers.

** Be sure to leave the first 3 addresses intact in order to maintain proper access for the Office of Financial Aid Administration**

image depicting the authorized users

 image depicting adding an authorized user

7 - To add an authorized user, click on the drop down menu and type in the name you wish to add.

8 - Complete the Requisition by clicking “Save and Post” at the top right of the screen.

9 - Post to “Internal Career Site” ONLY

Be sure that Public Career Site has “Do Not Post” selected.  Then select “Post Immediately” for the Internal Career Site.

Click “Save” when done.

image depicting how you can select post immediately to the public career site


When you return to the “Requisitions” screen, you should see your new job requisition with status “Pending” which reflects that your requisition was created pending approval.  (You may need to refresh the screen to see the recently submitted requisition).

image depicting the pending requisition that was just created


Once the requisition has been approved by the Office of Financial Aid Administration, you will see the Status updated to “Open”.  The requisition will also become available on and ready for students to apply.

image indicating the open status of a requisition

Click on link Post a Requisition for a video from ClearCompany ATS detailing how to go through this process.

Click on link Post a Requisition for a link from ClearCompany ATS with written instructions on how to go through this process.

Click on link ATS - Reviewing Applicants: Hiring Manager Training for detailed instructions on how to review candidates who have applied to open requisitions.


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