ATS - Creating a Position Description

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provides a way for Hiring Managers to electronically create job requisitions.  Requisitions are routed through an approval workflow and are automatically posted to the Human Resources jobs site upon final approval.  Hiring Managers have the ability to track the requisition through the approval process as well as see and manage new applicants as they apply.

The online job requisition request form replaces the former paper form.  Instead of obtaining signatures from department heads and vice presidents, approvals are done electronically through an approval workflow by emailing authorized approvers.  Completing the electronic form takes the same amount of time or less than the paper form.

All new job requisitions must be accompanied by a up-to-date position description.  The position description will be attached to the electronic requisition and reviewed in each step of the approval process.  The position description serves as the point of reference when describing the job to potential candidates and applicants.  Subsequently, the position description should be made available to the employee once hired and should be an integral part of the yearly evaluation process.

Position Description

To create a new position description, use the template below:


The Position Description Template will allow you to create a new position description template.  Then follow the instructions below:

1- When prompted, click the blue “Make a Copy” button to start a new position description from the template.

2 - Rename the position description by clicking on the name “Copy of Position Description - TEMPLATE” and rename to match the position name:

Ex. “Position Description - ITS Office Manager”

3 - Complete the appropriate sections of the Position Description Template

4. Copy the Position Description you created, you will paste this link into Section 6 of the New Requisition you are creating.

For more instructions refer to: Google support on how to  Create, view, or save a file

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