ATS - Reviewing Applicants: Hiring Manager Training

1.  Access the ATS system -

Upon authenticating the ATS System, you will see the "Requisitions" screen showing your existing requisitions

When landing on this page, you will notice that there are several drop-down menus above the grid. The drop-down menus, also known as sorting menus, are the defining criteria for the requisitions grid. The requisitions tab is the starting point for creating a requisition and working with already created requisitions.


2. Click the Position Title you want to review.  The blue hyperlink will take you to the Requisition In Box Filter Screen

 image depicting the position title that can be reviewed


The Requisition In Box Filter page  is set up in 2 sections:  


All the candidates who have applied to the position are listed on the left column.  The candidates are listed in chronological order, with the most recent candidates who have applied for the position appearing at the top. A good strategy to manage candidates is to apply filters, located on lower left of screen, under ABC, titled:  All Workflow Stages:


image depicting the option to access filters to manage candidates

Candidate Grading is a tool that allows you to define and easily label your A, B and C candidates.


image depicting the various filters that allow you to sort candidates based on a number of variable



The most recent candidate who has applied is featured on the right side of the screen. This area is called a "Tear Sheet" and it details a breakdown of supporting documents: resume, skills, and Education/Degree are all highlighted. 

image depicting how to view a candidates tear sheet and download their resume


This screen allows you to carry out most of your recruiting.  Some key features available from this screen include the ability to view, grade and correspond with candidates.


Click on link Hiring Manager View Walk Through for a 7 minute video from ClearCompany ATS detailing how to review the candidates

Click on link Recruiting: Incorporating Best Practices Training for a 42 minute video from ClearCompany ATS detailing how to  review the candidates.

Click on link Candidate Tearsheet (Requisition Inbox) for a link from ClearCompany ATS with written instructions on how to review the candidates.


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