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Drive vs. Home Server


Q:  Why the transition to Drive?
A:  Drive offers a significant increase in accessibility.  Access your files anywhere, any time.

  • The Drive app is available for your desktop(s), laptop(s), tablets(s), mobile device(s), etc.
  • The Drive app for tablets and mobile devices makes it both easy and comfortable to view your files on the go.

Q:  Why else are we transitioning to Drive?
A:  Unlimited storage space (coming soon).  At the moment, Drive offers 30 GB of storage space.

  • Recently, Google announced that educational accounts will soon have unlimited storage space.  And if that isn’t enough, Drive allows files as large as 5 TB to be uploaded (that’s a really, really, really big file).

Q:  But what about files I share with colleagues?
A:  Drive offers fine-grained access control when sharing files.  You are in control of your shared files.

  • You decide if you want to share a file and who you want to share it with.  You decide whether someone can edit, comment on, or simply view a file you shared with them.

Q:  Do I have to use the web interface?
A:  Nope.  Drive can be configured to create a folder on your computer that acts just like any other folder. 

  • You can open your regular files with their regular programs.  You won’t notice any difference, because there literally isn’t any difference.

Q:  What other useful features does Drive have?
A:  Well, if you are ever having a hard time finding a file, Drive has powerful search features built in.

  • Drive’s search feature is not what you would expect after getting used to searching for files in “My Computer”.  Drive’s search feature is just as powerful and fast as a regular Google search (because it is a regular Google search), except it only searches your files.

Q:  What’s the coolest, most modern feature that Drive has?
A:  Drive supports cutting-edge file types (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.) that allow for real-time collaboration with colleagues.

  • You can literally watch the action live as others edit a document that you share access to.  Each person’s cursor is color-coated and labeled with his or her name.  This way you know who is editing what while they’re editing it.


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