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ATS - Activating the Onboarding Process - Hiring Manager Training

1.  Access the ATS system -

Upon authenticating the ATS System, you will see the "Requisitions" screen showing your existing requisitions.

When landing on this page, you will notice that there are several drop-down menus above the grid. The drop-down menus, also known as sorting menus, are the defining criteria for the requisitions grid. The Requisitions tab is the starting point for creating a requisition and working with already created requisitions.

2. Click the Position Title you want to review.  The blue hyperlink will take you to the Requisition In Box Filter Screen

From the Requisition In box navigate to the Candidate Tearsheet.

Select the candidate you wish to hire.

Click on the Forward Button.

image depicting the forward button


1.  Select A Template  choose STU - Request Hire from the drop down


image depicting the STU request hire template


2. Select Financial Aid from the drop down menu on the right of the screen

The template that appears will be automatically populated. Please review information for accuracy as this data will be used for the new student employment.

image depicting how the template activates the onboarding process


Final step:  Select Submit


image depicting how to submit after reviewing for accuracy

The Office of Financial Aid Administration will contact the student via email to complete all required paperwork online.

How will I know when a student can start working?

Part of the benefit of moving hiring and required paperwork to an electronic workflow is the ability to see the status of each candidate throughout the process.

Email - Once you submit a request to hire a student, all subsequent steps include an email notification. The student will receive an initial email from the Office of Financial Aid Administration with instructions on completing all required paperwork online.  Students receive a daily reminder email with links to outstanding required paperwork.  Once students have completed all required paperwork and are cleared to work the student and Hiring Manager will receive a confirmation email.

The Hiring Manager can also monitor the progress of the candidate through the Onboarding screen. Click on Tools and select Onboarding.


Tools dashboard with onboarding link on ATS Homescreen


Once a student is approved to work their name will appear in your My Onboards screen:


My Onboards screen from ATS site


Click on link My Onboards for detailed instructions from ATS ClearCompany regarding the Onboards tab.







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