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1. Basic Event Information (Part 1)



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Event Name v. Event Long Name

Both are required.

What's the difference?

Event Name is only seen within 25Live System and has a 40 character limit.
Event Long Name will be seen on's public-facing calendar. The Event Long Name field can be more descriptive.


Event Name: Religion Matters Lecture
Event Long Name: Religion Matters Lecture: Righteous Rhetoric

Best Practices:

Do not use abbreviations or shorthand in the Event Long Name field.
Correct: History Department Faculty Meeting
Incorrect: HIST Dept. Faculty Mtg.

If scheduling a department meeting or training, include the department name.
Correct: History Department Faculty Meeting
Incorrect: Faculty Meeting

Event Type

The Event Type that is selected here will change the options that appear in the Event Wizard. Take a moment to select the most appropriate Event Type.

Primary Organization

The Primary Organization is the group that is hosting or associated with the event.
For example: The Primary Organization for an internal ITS meeting would be "ITS: Information Technology Services".

Additional Organizations

If the event is co-sponsored or associated with more than one organization, you can enter additional organizations here. You can add at least 5 additional organizations.




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