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2. Basic Event Information (Part 2)


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image depicting the expected head count and description page

Expected Head Count

This is where you should enter the number of people that you expect to attend the event. This field helps 25Live optimize room utilization.
Note: if you enter, for example, 50 into this field, when it is time to select a location later in the event wizard, you will not see rooms that have a max capacity less than 50.

Event Description

  • The event description may appear on the website and digital signage. Double check your spelling and grammar.
  • 1-3 sentences in length is sufficient. Don't make it too long.
  • Your event description may be edited if it is not appropriately written.
  • Do not include any formatting here. While it is possible to add formatting, any additional formatting will be removed later.


Do not include any styling in the Description section. Any styling you include will be removed. The formatting options that are allows are bold, italic, underline, numbered lists, bulleted lists, and link. Do not use any other formatting. Do not change the font color or font type.




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Click here to access 25Live


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