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8. Select Categories

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Checking off CATEGORIES is optional.



image depicting the manhattan web calendars for promotion 

Close up of Categories in 25Live:

image depicting how you can edit the categories for the event

"CATEGORIES" help you promote your event by pushing it to the corresponding web-calendar(s). You can select more than one, or you can select none at all. If you don't want your event to show on any particular calendar, then leave them all blank and click "Next".

Those that care will notice that all of the categories in the 25Live interface (above left) have a corresponding web calendar (above right).


School of Business: Is this event part of the Passport Program? Not sure what the Passport Program is? Don't worry about it. Move on to the next page.

If this is part of the Passport Program, be sure to check the box to the left of "Student Involvement - Passport Program".


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