Recently Modified Articles

A guide on how to install Microsoft Office 365 for free on up to 5 devices
Article explains the upcoming Windows 7 End of Life Schedule and links to Microsoft Support documentation on this topic.
A guide on how to fix the corrupt profile notification that you may receive when logging back in too quickly after logging out.
A list of ITS recommended computers for employees including the standard Faculty Laptop Initiative model and standard Computer Lab PC model.
A guide on the best practices and guidelines to follow when dealing with announcements and web & social media.
A guide on how to fix the Google Temporary Account issue.
Instructions give an overview to Smart Compose a new feature in Gmail that uses artificial intelligence to help you write emails more quickly.
A Quick Start and Alternate Start Guide on the Kramer VIA GO system.
A guide on missing Moodle Courses
A guide on how to use LanSchool lab pc monitoring software for professors.
This podium guide details all the features of the Crestron Combined Input Podium Guide with the Kramer system. This system is found in HAY 201 and 202, DLS 307 and 312, MGL 304, 305, 306, 307, 308, and 314, LEO 102, 242, 259, 330, 333 and 430.
Article gives instructions for how to subscribe to ITS blog.
A comprehensive list of the software that is found in the computer labs
Instructions for how to add additional blocks in the sidebar of a Moodle course.
A comprehensive list of requestable software for Manhattan College owned devices
Description of Hamburger menu and the options it offers, instructions include how to make courses disappear and reappear using the Hamburger icon.
Instructions for how to map Axiom to servers.
A guide on how to fix the extended monitor issue on Powerpoint 2013
The purpose of this Knowledge Base Article is to instruct you on the best course of action to take if your account has been compromised or if you are not sure if your account has been compromised.
Instructions on how to update your personal email.
Article points to LANSchool software's support links.
A guide on how to find your courses in the Moodle Dashboard.
This article provides the same instructions that you will find when going through the FLI process. It explains the options in detail.
Guide on how to make a Moodle Course Visible
Options for scanning documents using Android and iOS