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List of the college's web resources that would be most helpful to new students.
A guide on using Activity Monitor on Mac devices to manage resources and improve battery life and performance.
A guide on using the built in Windows Task Manager
A guide on using Google Groups
Instructions on how to update your personal email.
A guide on how to use the technology found in Chancellor's Room.
A list of ITS recommended computers for employees including the standard Faculty Laptop Initiative model and standard Computer Lab PC model.
Article gives direct links for connecting to Manhattan College WiFI through different operating systems.
An orientation for new students focussing on Technology.
The following article answers some of the Frequently Asked Questions about JasperNet accounts.
This guide explains what digital accessibility is and why it is important to ensure an accessible experience for all.
List of the college's web resources that would be most helpful to new employees.
A guide on using Google Calendar
Article outlines troubleshooting practices for Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook wth links to Google support for Microsoft.
A guide on how to sync your outlook account with Google Apps
Overview of Google Docs
Article explains how to convert Text to All CAPS or all lowercase and more options in Google Docs.
A guide on how to troubleshoot login issues
Article directs clients to the blogger help page.
This article explains how to create a backup of your Google Apps data.
A guide on how to auto backup your photos using Google+
Add your Manhattan College email to another gmail account.
Google Calendar can be great tool to help manage meetings and personal events, however, sometimes it's helpful to know what else is happening on campus before scheduling a meeting or personal event.  Adding one or more College calendars to your personal Google Calendar can keep you up-to-date with what's happening on campus.
Article explains best practice for assigning tasks to colleagues in Google Apps (Docs, Sheets,Slides). Includes links to examples and Google Support on this topic.