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Instructions for connecting to VPN for Android Devices.
This podium guide details all the features of an unrenovated classroom.
Options for scanning documents using Android and iOS
This article explains when you receive and email in Gmail, how you can see where the email came from by looking at its headers, including how it got from the sender to the recipient's mail servers.
This article details all the features of the Black Hall Research Control Unit.
Article describes features of Inbox by Gmail and directs clients to Inbox Help Center.
Guide for using AirMedia on Mac devices
Guide to using AirMedia
Article explains steps to follow when you get this specific "Authentication failed" error message when setting up an external account in Gmail.
Article outlines these “best practice” scanning techniques to make the task of scanning easier.
Article explains how to convert Text to All CAPS or all lowercase and more options in Google Docs.
Article explains how to set up chrome mail to default to Gmail or Inbox
Article explains best practice for assigning tasks to colleagues in Google Apps (Docs, Sheets,Slides). Includes links to examples and Google Support on this topic.
Collaborate More Easily with Google Docs Suggesting Feature
List of the college's web resources that would be most helpful to new students.
Article contains instructions for new JasperNet account activation.
Article points to Google instructions for setting up filters in Gmail.
This podium guide details all the features of Crestron Combined Input Podium Guide in other Crestron rooms found on campus
Description and photos of each podium guide.
Article gives overview of how to use a scanner. A scanner allows you to make photos or documents digital. Once you make them digital you can share them in a variety of ways.
Podium Guide for Thomas Hall 3.48
Podium guide for Thomas Hall 3.40
This podium guide details all the features of a White Hall Research Control Unit.