Recently Modified Articles

A guide on using the Hangouts Meet Hardware Touch Screen found on the table in Chancellor's Room.
A guide on how to use the technology found in Chancellor's Room.
A Cheat Sheet that details essential practices to follow when using the technology in Chancellor's Room.
A guide on how to create a Qualtrics Account
This article explains how to add an RSVP form link to a 25Live event.
Article describes how to use a URL Shortener service.
Article contains links to Google's Documentation on how to get started with IMAP and POP3
Article outlines how to run a report using the Advanced Search feature in the 25Live Pro Version.
This article explains the compatibility of the Argos application. The Argos application is only compatible with Windows devices. All other devices must use the Web Viewer.
This article explains how to create a TurnItIn account through Manhattan College.
Article is a direct link to the turnitin Help Center
This article provides instructions on how to generate a quote for a Custom FLI laptop.
An introduction to 25Live
A guide on using Google Forms
Instructions for how to track event attendance to campus events using an iOS app, MC Event Swipe.
Instructions for editing a previously created 25Live event.
Note that only the person who made the event can edit it.
Instructions on how to access and view student schedule on Self Service.
A digital badge is a way to communicate achievement, they make credentials portable and skills more visible. This article outlines best practices on how to accept digital badges and add them to a Linked In profile.
This article provides the same instructions that you will find when going through the FLI process. It explains the options in detail.
Explanation of FLI custom option.
This section contains the FLI Workflow Form Links for Faculty.
Instructions for creating a Turnitin account in Moodle.
A guide on what a Chromebox for Meetings is and instructions
This podium guide details all the features of Crestron Combined Input Podium Guide in MGL 312
Instructions for connecting to VPN for Android Devices.