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A guide on how to convert various files to PDF, which is especially useful when printing wirelessly using WebPrint.
Best practices to make PDF documents more accessible.
How to Log Out of Windows 10 devices
Links with instructions for how to take a screenshot on common devices. Also, a free software called Jing that allows basic elements to be added on images such as screenshots.
Software Installation List for Students
A guide on how to set up Google Drive as the default folder when saving on Windows
Guide to using AirMedia on Windows devices
A guide on how to use AirPlay on Windows devices using the AirParrot software
Guide on how to remove the start screen on office so that it opens a new document instead.
Article gives direct links for connecting to Manhattan College WiFI through different operating systems.
How to Update Directory Information for Manhattan College Account.
Changing the scale when printing using Google Chrome
Fix file association problems regarding Banner 9
Banner 9 Cursor Issue
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connects a remote employee securely to the Manhattan College network
These are instructions for using Viscosity for Windows.