RLC 103 Chromebox Lab Guide



RLC 103 has recently been outfitted with 10 brand new Chromeboxes. This guide will show you how to navigate using them. 


Chrome OS 

This image depicts a legend of the sections that will be reviewed in the article.

Starting Your Session

1. You should not have to log into the computer. All you need to do is simply move the mouse to turn the computer screen on. To login to email and other web applications, click on the Chrome icon in the bottom middle of the desktop. It should look like this: 

Image of Chrome icon referred to in this section.


Using Remotely

You can use the Chromeboxes to remotely access other computers with certain programs/softwares such as AutoCad, MATLAB, and SPSS. For guidance using "Remotely" please refer to this article

Launch Button

Clicking on the circular launch button will open a panel which allows you to search the computer for files, search the web via chrome, and access the settings. 

Image of the launch screen referred to in this section.


Locating Files During Your Session

Clicking on the blue file folder icon in the bottom middle of the screen will open a new window that allows you to search for files you created or downloaded during your session.

Please Note: Make sure to save these files to your Google Drive, Email, or USB before exiting your session as they will be deleted automatically after you exit your session. 


Image of file folder icon referred to in this section.

Image of the window that appears when you click on the file icon.

Checking Basic Settings (Network Connection and Audio)

Clicking on the clock on the bottom right side of the screen will open a panel that shows your network connection status and your audio settings. 

Image of the panel that appears when you click on the clock.


Switching Between Different Windows/Applications

If you are working with more than one window or application at a time you can switch between them by clicking on the small circles on the bottom right side of the screen, next to the exit session button. 

Image depicting the circles mentioned in this section for switching between windows.


Ending Your Session

When you are ready to end your session start by clicking the Red, "Exit session" button at the bottom right of the screen. A window will pop up, from there click "Sign out now". You will be signed out of all accounts closing all open windows, and all files will be deleted. 

Please note: If you do not click either cancel or "Sign out now" you will be automatically signed out after 20 seconds and all windows will be closed out and files downloaded or created, will be deleted.


Image of the exit session button.

Image of the "sign out now" button referred to in this section


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