Classroom, Conference Room & Computer Lab Technology Issue


ITS provides support for technology located in classrooms, conference rooms and computer labs on campus.    


  • If this is an emergency, please call x7973 (718-862-7973) for immediate service.


  • ITS provides up to date technology in classrooms, conference rooms and computer labs on campus.
  • ITS provides priority support to classroom technology issues.
  • ITS performs daily room checks to minimize issues in the classroom.  Each classroom is checked at least once per week.
  • All classrooms are outfitted with a ceiling mounted LCD projector
  • All Classrooms have the capability of connecting a laptop to the ceiling mounted projector
  • Newly renovated classrooms are outfitted with a Thin Client Computer and Monitor
  • Newly renovated classrooms are outfitted with a wooden podium containing an A/V control unit.
  • Newly renovated classrooms are outfitted with an Airplay device allowing for wireless connection to Airplay compatible devices.

Getting Started

To report an issue, select "Request Service" above.  If this is an emergency, please dial x7973 or 718-862-7973 for immediate assistance.


ITS provides support for this service.  

Support Availability

Please visit the Client Services and Support webpage for support availability.


This service is available to the Manhattan College community.


ITS will reply to requests within 1 hour of being placed.  ITS will complete requests within two weeks.  (This SLA is regarding low priority requests submitted via the service catalog.  Emergency requests submitted via x7973 or 718-862-7973 will be immediately attended to.)

Last update 8.23.2019

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