Kramer VIA GO Troubleshooting

Picture Quality Issues

If you are presenting more than one device and the picture is hard to read, you can help alleviate the issue by zooming in on the content you are presenting. Most programs and web browsers allow you to zoom either by selecting the plus or minus zoom buttons within that specific program, or by selecting the Control andbuttons for Zoom In, and Control and - buttons for Zoom Out.

Audio Issues

Android devices cannot stream sounds when mirroring. To play sound, you must use the VIA app media player. If you are experiencing sound issues on other devices, quit the presentation and try to reconnect. Also check your Internet connection. If you have a weak signal, try to find a spot in the room with a stronger connection.

Connectivity Issues

Always check that you are connected to JASPERNET.

Make sure your device is up to date with the most recent software for the device and check that the date and time are correct.

If the device's software is up to date and the device's time and date is correct, make sure the time shown on the splash screen is correct. If not, please notify ITS immediately.

This system only allows up to one AirPlay connection at a time. Error messages when two people try to connect via AirPlay are not viewable because the four digit code blocks the message.

VIA offers users the ability to play video at a full HD 1080p/60fps rate.

Below are the two ways you can play video from VIA:

  • File Searching Media Files.
    • Select “Multimedia” from your features menu on the dashboard.
    • Click Add Media in the lower left corner.
    • Select a video you would like to add and click Open.
    • The file is then displayed within the “My Media” section.
    • Double-click the media file and the video begins playing.
  •  Drag/Drop Media directly to VIA.
    • On the left-hand side of the VIA dashboard you see a small VIA logo.
    • Select the file you want to play from any folder on your device.
    • Drag the file to the logo only. The video does not play if you try to drag the file to the left, right, below or above the logo.
    • Once released, the video automatically starts playing.

Note: Without using the VIA software, media files can be played from your device using native media players you have installed such as QuickTime and/or Windows Media Player. However, if you choose this method and do not use VIA for video playback, your video is only mirrored to the display. Using this method, you may experience lower frame rates, inconsistent playback and increased latency, depending on your laptop system performances.

For more information please refer to: Kramer VIA GO Tutorials Playlist

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