Entering Student Employment Time Sheet using Self Service


A guide on enter Timesheets in Self Service for Student Workers.



If you are a student worker, you will have to enter your hours using the Banner Timesheet in Self Service. This allows you to enter and submit your hours into Self Service, which will be sent to an approver.


Self Service using a Web Browser such as Chrome


  1. You must begin by logging into Self Service. image depicting the self service log in page


  1. Once logged in, select the Financial Aid tab. image depicting where to select the financial aid tab


  1. Next, select the Student Employment Menu. image depicting the student employment menu tab


  1. Once there, select the Enter Timesheet option. image depicting the option to enter timesheet


  1. Next, you will have to verify that the shown information is correct, and once you are ready select Time Sheet.image depicting the page where you will verify the pay period and status and select time sheet


  1. Now you will be able to enter the amount of hours worked for the specified weeks. To enter hours, select the Enter Hours button of the day whose hours you wish to edit. It may seem like nothing happened, but you will notice that the Submit by Date: field has changed to reflect the day you wish to edit. You can enter in the number of hours worked in the Hours: field as indicated in the image below, and select Save.image explaining how to enter hours by selecting the blue enter hours button


  1. After reviewing your timesheet for any mistakes, select Submit for Approval. This will send your timesheet to your approver for review. image depicting the submit for approval button to finalize the submission of hours

For additional help, please watch this video tutorial:




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