How To Forward Phone Call From Your Avaya Office Phone


Forwarding phone calls from your office phone to a different number can be very useful if you will not be near your office phone for an extended period of time. Please refer to the instructions below if you will need to forward phone calls from the phone in your office to a different number. 


Manhattan College issued Avaya office phone. 


  1. On your office phone select "Features" on the bottom right side of your phones screen.  
  2. Use the "Down" arrow on your key pad (located at the bottom of the circle button with the word "Ok" in it), and continue to use the down arrow until you see the word "Forward". Once you see forward use the gray button located all the way to the left and underneath your phones screen and hit "Select". 
  3. Once selected you will be in the forward setting. From there use the "Down" arrow again to scroll until you see the words "Fwd Unconditionally" use the gray button all the way to the left and underneath your phone's screen and press "Select".
  4. From here do not select anything else. Simply, type in the number the number would like to forward your calls to.
  5. After entering in the desired number you wish you forward your calls to use the grey button located all the way to the left and underneath your phone screen to select "Save".
  6. Once you have saved it use the "Down" arrow to scroll down twice. Next to "Fwd Unconditionally" it will say "On". 
Hint: Once you have completed the steps you should test that it works by calling your office phone and making sure that the calls are going through to the number that you inputted. 

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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