How To Update Google Chrome Extensions


This article describes how to update Google Chrome Extensions.


Google Chrome.


Chrome extensions are always automatically updated. Unless the extension is blocked from the Chrome Store.


How To manually update Google Chrome Extensions

Step 1.

Open Google Chrome on your computer.


Step 2.

In the top right of the browser, click More. Then click Settings

google chrome more button  google chrome settings button


Step 3. 

A new tab will open. On the left hand side of the browser, click Extensions

google chrome extensions button


Step 4.

A new tab will open. On the top right of the browser turn on Developer Mode

google chrome developer mode button

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

Step 5.

Another menu will appear. Click Update. Doing this will manually update all of your Google Chrome Extensions.

google chrome update extensions button

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