Changing Your Resolution in Google Meet


If your Google Meets chat is slow, laggy and or blurry, your WiFi connection may be the issue. One simple solution can be to change your Google Meets resolution. Your resolution is the amount of pixels your computer will show. A higher resolution will show sharper and more clear image quality. Sometimes a higher resolution will hurt Google Meets performance, especially if you have an older computer or a poor WiFi connection. Lowering your resolution through Google Meets can help this problem. Typically the resolution is lowered from 720p to 360p. 


Google meet settings on your desktop or laptop computer. 


Step 1:

Go into the “More options” button on the bottom right of Google Meets 

Step 2: 

Click the settings icon.

Step 3:

Click the “Video” button.

There you will see two buttons pertaining to the resolution. These can be changed by selecting the drop down menu and selecting 360p or "Standard definition". 

Changing it to “Standard definition (360p) will lower the video quality and sharpness since your device does not need to focus extra pixels but rather computer functionality.



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