Flexible Learning: Connecting With Your Own Device


This document describes how to connect to the AV system located in the classroom with your own device.


This can be done on any computer.


Follow the instructions (located in your classroom) to connect to the AV system.

1. If you will be using it, Plug in the “IPEVO Document Camera” USB into your computer (Connected to PC in room by default). (Figure 1)


2. Plug in the “Hangouts Meet Speakermic” USB into your computer (Connected to PC in room by default). (Figure 2)


3. To utilize the document camera, open IPEVO Visualizer if it is not already running. Situate the camera accordingly. If you are taking notes please make sure that you open Visualizer FIRST and then share your screen on Google Meet.


4. From here you can navigate to your Google Meet session by opening a Chrome window and accessing the Meet link. 


5. You can now share your screen by selecting the “Present now” icon on the bottom right of the screen.


Helpful Hints! 

  • Before you share your screen you should have any materials that you will be showing during the screen sharing (ex: powerpoint, pdf, word doc, videos, images) open on the computer

  • Remember to allow Google Chrome access to your microphone and camera. (Reference separate audio directions).


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