How To Start Or Join A Google Meet From Gmail On Mobile and Tablet


This article describes how to start or join a Google Meet from Gmail on mobile and tablet.


Gmail app on mobile device and tablet.


Step 1.

On your mobile device open the Gmail App. If you have not already downloaded please search for "Goolgle Meet" in the app store of your device. 

Hint: If you use Sarafi on your iOS device, then you should not need to download the app to join the Meet. 



Step 2. 

The app will open, at the bottom of the screen click Meet.


Step 3.

At the top of the screen you can choose New meeting or Join a meeting. 


If you want to start a new meeting, click New meeting. You then have the option to Get a meeting link to share, start an instant meeting or to schedule a meeting in Google Calendar. 


If you want to join a meeting you can click Join a meeting and type the meeting code. You can also click on a meeting in the list of Upcoming Meetings


On tablet click Join after clicking on the upcoming meeting you are joining. 


Step 4.

In the meeting, you can mute/unmute your mic, turn your camera on/off and more options. When you click More, you can add others, send messages, share your screen, turn on captions, and open the settings.

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