How To Use The Remotely Drive Feature


This document goes over how to use the Remotely drive feature. Remotely can be accessed here


Windows or Mac operating system. 


This allows users to copy files from their local device onto the PC they are connected to while using Remotely. 


Step 1. Connect to a PC by logging into Remotely.

At the bottom of the remote computer screen, click the windows button and then click on file explorer.


Step 2.

On the left of the file explorer window, there is a folder that is named "{username} on Guacamole RDP". Drag and drop any files that you want to transfer from your computer into this folder.


Step 3.

If a file needs to be saved from the remote computer to your computer. Drag and drop the file into the Download folder located in the folder named "{username} on Guacamole RDP".  This drive does not persist across logins, and as usual, will be deleted after logout.


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