How To Access 25live Pro


This article describes how to access 25Live Pro. 

As a reminder please make sure to check the room Capacity when scheduling events. The below example shows the COVID-19 as the default capacity at the moment. 


25Live Pro on computer or mobile.


Step 1.

On your computer go to or click the "Reserve a Room - 25 Live" link from Quicklinks.


Step 2.

Login with your credentials, then on the top right of that page click the more button.


Step 3.

A window will pop up, click Go to 25Live Pro


Step 4.

A new window will load, here you will be able to create an event. 


25Live Pro is more robust and featureful. For example, a location report will show the default capacity which is currently the COVID capacity. 


Being able to switch to 25Live Pro from the scheduling app can be helpful when running into bugs. 


If you run into any issues, please  notify ITS. 

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