How To Turn Quick Access On and Off in Google Meet


Google Meet has a feature called Quick Access which is a host control that allows you to toggle a button on and off for "Quick Access" to the Meet, which means they will be able to join automatically without requesting, or they will have to request to join even if they are using their email and the meeting host will have to manually admit them one by one. The Quick Access panel also allows you to either allow or not allow everyone in the Meet to be able to share their screen or write in the chat but toggling the button on and off.  

Google has also introduced a feature which allows the host to "End call for all" and this will turn off your quick access settings. If you encounter this issue please follow the steps below to turn Quick Access back on avoid turning it off each time you end the call. 

Special thanks to Dr. Marc Waldman for creating these directions below and sharing them with us! 


Quick Access panel in Google Meet. 


1)  Click on the "Host Controls" icon located near the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

2) You will then see the following:


3) Turn on "Quick Access" as shown above - it will turn green when enabled (this is the setting you want).

4) Click on the  image.pngicon again to close the menu.

5) This should fix the problem for all future sessions as long as you don't "End the call" (see explanation below)


Why did this problem occur?

Google introduced a new option when you exit a meeting (shown below).

The "End the call" option turns off the "Quick Access" option setting shown above.


For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.



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