Steps on How to Turn on Primary Google Calendar Notifications


Steps on how to fix Gmail Notifications that have been turned off. The steps below will show you how to navigate Gmail to turn it back on.


(Works with Windows, IOS, Chrome,Google)



  1. To start, navigate to Google Calendar.

- When at Google Calendar click on the Gear Icon to the top right of the page.



- Once clicked a drop-down menu will appear, Click on Settings.



  1. After clicking on settings it will display the settings of your Google Calendar account. Using the left side of the pe, navigate to your primary calendar which will be your name under the section titled “Settings for my calendar”. Click on your name.



  1. Navigate to the “Other Notifications” subsection. 



  1. The standard email notifications are shown in the image below. They are currently turned off. To turn them on click on the “None” button and press “Email”.



  1. After pressing the button your settings should look like the image below. Your settings should say Email in order to be notified.




For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.


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