Use The "Meet With" Feature In Google Calendar


This article will show you how to use the "Meet with" feature in Google Calendar to find common free times in people's schedules so you can plan a meeting. 


Google Calendar on a Desktop or PC.


1. Open Google Calendar

2. On the left-hand side of the screen type in the name of the person or people you are looking to schedule a meeting with. 

3. As you type in the name their calendars will start appearing next to yours and you can compare them to find a time that works. 

4. Once you have found a time that works simply click on your calendar next to the time that everyone is free. It will automatically add the people who you searched to an event. From there you can name it and add any necessary elements such as a description or attachment to the invite. 

5. Click Save, and then Send. This will send an email with an invite to your participants. 

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