How to Turn off/on Camera Feed in Google Meet


Steps on how to turn camera feed on/off in Google meet. Note this only turns off the individual camera you select, not the whole meeting's.


 Applies to Windows or Mac, Google Chrome, etc.


  1. In your google meet meeting, click on the show everyone icon.

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  1. Click on the three dot icon, of the participant feed you want to turn off

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  2. Click start watching, to watch their camera feed

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  • Note: This is what the camera feed will look like turned on to start watching

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  1. Click "Don't watch" to turn off their camera feed.

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  • Note: This is what it will look like when the camera feed is turned off to Don't watch. 

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  1. If you stopped watching their camera feed, just click start watching to view again.

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For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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