Adding a Co-Presenter in Google Meet


Steps on how to add a Co-Presenter for slides in Google Meet


Applies to Windows or Mac, Google Chrome, etc.


Adding a CoPresenter in Google Meet

  1. On your computer, open slides and select the project you would like to present

  2. Now in google meet click present now, then a tab

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

  1. Select on the tab of the google slides you are presenting

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

  1. Then on the left side of your screen click on the three dots of the person you want to co present with

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

  1. Then click add as co-presenter

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

  1. Now you and the person you selected will be able to co present the slides. Your screen should look like below

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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