25Live Event Form Custom Attributes and Categories


This article reviews Custom Attributes and Categories in 25Live Pro and why they are important.


25Live Pro


  • Navigate to 25Live as you normally would.
  • Note that an event form will show different custom attributes depending on the type of meeting selected and/or the location of the event. Some of these attributes are mandatory and will not allow you to save the event unless they are addressed. Mandatory attributes are identified by a red *.
  • One attribute that sometimes trips people up is the "ADVERTISE - Website, Email, Digital Signage and App" shown with a red rectangle around it below. You must select Yes or No to proceed with saving your event on this attribute.

  • Lower in the form there is a Categories section where you can choose other calendars to advertise your event. All you need to do is click Edit to view the categories.
  • You can select multiple categories using the check boxes to the left of each category. Click done on the bottom right when done. I have a screenshot below of the categories section.

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