Print Dialogue Differences


Google Chrome and Windows both utilize different printing dialogues when printing from Google Chrome and Windows. Both print dialogues have their features outlined below:


image depicting the print dialogue options in google chrome

Google Apps Print Dialogue

  • Displays total number of sheets to be printed

  • Displays default printer as destination with the option to change printer

  • Displays option to select which pages are to be printed

  • Displays option for the number of copies to be printed

  • Displays option for printing in color or black and white

  • Displays option for printing two-sided pages

  • Displays option for more settings

  • The More settings option also displays paper size, margins, scale, and background graphics.

  • Also allows to print using general print dialogue


image depicting the print dialogue in windows

Windows Print Dialogue

  • Displays list of printers available

  • Displays the status, and location of printer

  • Displays preferences

  • Displays option to find printer

  • Displays page range along with number of copies

  • The preferences button allows access to the layout, paper/quality, and printing shortcut.

  • Does not include scale option

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