PowerPoint - Extended Monitor Fix


In Microsoft PowerPoint, by default, when an external monitor is plugged into a video output jack on a laptop, the display settings change to extend the primary monitor instead of mirroring the primary monitor. The behavior is more of a feature than a bug, although it might seem like a bug if you're not used to it.


  1. Click on the SLIDE SHOW tab along the top of the window:

image depicting the slideshow tab

  1. Select the drop down menu next to Monitor and select Primary Monitor from the list of options, and then uncheck the checkbox to the left of Use Presenter View:

image depicting how to uncheck the use presenter view box

  1. When you are done, the settings should look like this:

image depicting how settings should appear

  1. Begin or resume your presentation. You should be all set.


If you have any further trouble, please contact us at ITS@manhattan.edu or (718) 862-7973.

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