How to Retrieve Full Headers from Email


You received a suspicious email or otherwise wish to investigate the origin of an email you received.


  1. From your internet browser, open Gmail.
  2. Open the email you want to check the headers for.
  3. On right right side of the email, select the More button as shown below: image depicting where to obtain full email headers
  4. Once the more button is selected, choose Show original.
  5. Now make sure to select Download Original. This will download an .eml file which can be opened using a Text Editor program. Once the .eml file is opened, you will be able to copy the contents.
Hint: Doing this is important since you can include this information when submitting a ticket about a suspicious ticket. If you have problems opening the .eml file, then you can attach it to the ticket to ITS.


For more information, please visit this article by Google:

Retrieving the full headers from an email.


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