Basic Malware Removal Guide


Hint: (This software is for use on personal devices only.)


***Before beginning any Malware Removal, save and close out of any important documents or work.***

Manhattan College ITS recommends either AdwCleaner or Malwarebytes software to rid your computer of malware. Below are instructions for downloading the software (for Windows computers.)

Instructions for Malwarebytes for Mac:  


Instructions for Downloading AdwCleaner

  1. Download AdwCleaner

Please visit this video explaining how to install this software



  1. Once you are back in Windows, run ADWCleaner.

  2. Select I agree (left button).


image depicting the terms of use


  1. Click on the Scan button near the left side. Allow this to run, it will take some time.

image depicting the scan button


4. Select Clean.
'image depicting the clean button


5. Select OK. Allow AdwCleaner to reboot the system to remove files if necessary.

image depicting to select ok when prompted to restart


6. AdwCleaner will ask you if it is OK to restart computer, this is necessary to finish the cleanse, select OK and your computer will restart and be cleansed of Malware and be virus free!


Instructions for Downloading Malwarebytes 

 Download the FREE VERSION of Malwarebytes anti-malware.

1.Install Malwarebytes anti-malware with the normal settings, but DISABLE THE PREMIUM TRIAL.

image depicting the free download for malwarebytes on the main website

2. Click on:  FREE DOWNLOAD

image depicting to select free download again


3.  License Agreement: Select I Accept the Agreement and Next >

image depicting the license agreement

4. Malwarebytes will select a Destination Folder, click Next>

image depicting the prompt for selecting a destination folder. This will be selected automatically. Select yes

5. Click Finish.  This allows Malwarebytes to update its databases before running a scan.

image depicting the finish page

6. Example of an in process scan screen.

image depicting the in process scan screen

7. Example of a scan with no malware:

image of scan results with no malware

8. Example of a screen with malware: Click on Remove Selected

image depicting a scan that found malware. To remove, click the remove button

Below is what this will look like.

image depicting a prompt asking what to do with remaining threats

Select Finish.

image depicting the final screen after malware is removed

If Malwarebytes asks you to restart the computer to remove malware, allow it to do so.

Your malware should now be gone.

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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