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Incognito mode is a useful feature within many browsers which allows you to use your web browser without saving your history, cache, cookies, and other data. This is especially useful for troubleshooting any issues such as cache, if you have trouble logging into a website using two different log in credentials, etc.


Browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge all have incognito or private modes.


Opening an Incognito Window in Google Chrome:

  • To open an incognito window, navigate to the More button found in the top right corner of your screen within Google Chrome. image depicting the more button in chrome where an incognito tab can be opened.
  • In the dropdown menu that appears, select New Incognito Window. This can also be done by selecting these buttons on your keyboard: Ctrl + Shift + N.
  • Now a incognito window will appear.
Hint: Incognito windows will always have a dark theme distinguishing it from a normal window. The icon shown below will also let you know that you are in an incognito window. Note that no history or data will be saved in this mode. This can even be used when logging into a website on someone else's computer, just be sure to exit the window when done.

image depicting the incognito icon telling you that you are in incognito mode


Opening an Incognito Window in Mozilla Firefox:

  • To open an incognito window in  Firefox,
  • Navigate to the hamburger icon at the top right and then select New Private Window. You can also use the CTRL + SHIFT + P keyboard shortcut.
  • A new window with a purple mask will open. This is your incognito window.


new private window in mozella firefox









Opening an Incognito Window in Safari:

Safari incognito window instructions

  • To open an incognito window, navigate to File, found in the upper left of the screen, close to the Apple icon. 
  • In the drop down menu that appears, select New Private Window. This can also be done by selecting these buttons on your keyboard: Up Arrow + Command + N.
  • The Safari incognito window has a dark Smart Search background, the text you type will appear white. 






Opening an Incognito Window in Microsoft Edge:

  • To open an incognito window, navigate to the Menu button from within Microsoft Edge.
  • There you will select New InPrivate Window which is the Microsoft Edge equivalent of incognito mode. image depicting the menu options for Microsoft Edge
  • Now an incognito window will now appear. You can tell if the window you are in is a incognito windows by looking at the top left corner. If it is an incognito window, it will say InPrivate. image depicting the microsoft inprivate labels signifying that you are in incognito mode

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