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Glance MC is a student-developed app that assists with daily task and activities at Manhattan College. Whether you want to increase your engagement in campus life, manage your school accounts, or simply use a digital version of your Jasper Card (your campus ID) Glance MC is there to provide you with easy-to-access information and resources.

The home screen of Glance MC.
This is the Glance MC home page, where you can access personalized features like your Jasper Card, course schedule, To-Do list, search, and favorites.

Features include:

  • Digital Jasper Card (Student ID)
  • Search (Faculty, Staff, Services, etc)
  • Calendar
  • Feed
  • Courses
  • To-do list
  • Favorites
  • Quadrangle
  • Sign-in Synchronization (Favorites, Twitter, Subscriptions, Tasks)
  • Notifications
  • Featured Links
  • Invites
  • And many more to come

Check out our video for Glance MC:

Downloading Glance MC

Glance MC is available on both the App Store and the Google Play.

A Link to the App Store where you can download and install the Glance MC on iPhone.

A Link to Google Play where you can download and install Glance MC on Android

Icon Legend

The Menu Button Menu Icon

Sign In

Signing into Glance MC with your JasperNet account gives you access to your digital Jasper Card and Courses. Favorites, Tasks, and Twitter accounts (that you subscribed to in your feed) are saved to your account. Whether you sign out or get a new phone, you always have this information with you.


Glance MC is focused around the Home page. There you have quick access to information that is personal to you. To navigate to other sections of the app, just tap the menu button, located on the top right side of the screen in iOS or top left side in Android, to open the menu. In the menu, just tap any feature and you will immediately be brought to that feature.

The menu button on the home page of Glance MC.
The menu button, located on the top right of the home page, gives you to access to many of the features on Glance MC.


The menu helps you navigate to any main section of the Glance MC. Glance MC is split up into multiple sections: Home, Feed, Calendar, Quadrangle, Invites, Settings, and Featured Links.

The menu of Glance MC.
The menu displays a list of the sections in Glance MC: Home, Feed, Calendar, Quadrangle, Invites, Settings, and Featured Links.


Everytime you open Glance MC, you will be brought to the Home Page. The Homepage is where you can access personalized features such as your Jasper Card, course list, to-do list, favorites, and search.

The bottom of the home screen.
Located at the bottom of the home page are all the buttons for the features such as the Jasper Card, courses, to-do list, search, and favorites.

Icon Legend

Button to display your Jasper Card. Jasper Card

Button to view your course schedule. Courses

Button to access the To-Do list. Jasper Card

Button to access the search section. Search

Button to view your favorite employees and quick links. Favorites

Jasper Card

Access your Jasper Card.

  1. Tap the person icon in the bottom left side of the Home page.
  2. Sign in with your JasperNet credentials.
  3. Success!!!

What's shown in the Digital Jasper Card:

  • Profile Photo
  • CWID
  • Student ID Number
  • Available Dining and Jasper Dollars

Where and How to Use the Digital Jasper Card:

Unlike your physical Jasper Card, which uses a magnetic strip, your digital Jasper Card contains a barcode. Just scan the barcode with an optical scanner located at many places on campus.

Locations where Jasper Card can be used:

  • Gym
  • On-campus Dining Locations
  • C-Store
  • Participating events
  • Dorms, with guards

(Optional) Add the Digital Jasper Card to your Phone. (iOS Users)

Tap Add to Wallet to add your Jasper Card to Apple Wallet.


Instantly find quick links and employees.

How to find Employee Directory Information such as Office Location, Email Address, and Phone.

  1. Search for an employee or access them in your Favorites.
  2. Tap their listing to view their profile.
  3. Tap any of the buttons in the icon row to call, email, view office location of, or favorite the employee.
Employee profile with directory information.
The employee profile which contains directory information such as name, job title, and available contact information. Additionally buttons for directly contacting or locating the office of an employee.

Icon Legend

Button to directly call an Employee. Call an Employee

Button to email an employee directly. Email an Employee

Button to view the office location of an employee on Google Maps. Locate an Office

Button to add an employee to your favorites. Add to Favorites


View favorite quick links and employees right from the home page.

How to Add a quick link or employee to your Favorites.

You can add a quick link or an employee to your favorites in two different places: Search or Favorites.

Search (iOS Only):

  1. Go to the search section by tapping on the magnifying glass icon on the home page.
  2. Search what you want to add to your favorites.
  3. For quick links, simply tap the outlined star next to the listing.
  4. For employees, tap the listing to go to their profile, then tap the outlined star.

Favorites (both):

  1. Tap the star icon on the bottom right of the home page to access favorites.
  2. Tap the box with the cross.
  3. Search for what you want to add.
  4. Tap the listing to save it to your favorites.


View Course Schecule from Previous Semesters.

Just tap the button with the current course semester. Then select the semester you desire.

To-Do List

Viewing your Assignments.

Glance MC includes a To-Do list where you can manually keep track of your assignments, test, and projects. To view your To-Do list, tap the check button located on the bottom of the home page.

Adding a Task to your To-Do List.

  1. Tap the checked box on the bottom of the home page to go to your To-Do list.
  2. Tap the circled plus button.
  3. Input the relevant data.
  4. Press Add or Add Task to complete.

Managing Task with your To-Do List.

  • To mark a task as complete, tap the circle located on the right-hand side of the task
  • Tap the circle again to unmark it.
  • To delete a task, swipe left on iOS or swipe right on Android.


The feed allows you to browse through the latest announcements, news, and alerts at Manhattan College.

What's in the feed:

  • Announcements for Everyone, Students, and Employees
  • News
  • Featured Events
  • Twitter
  • Campus Alerts
  • ITS News and Outages
The top of the feed page
The top portion of the feed with tab buttons for each section of the feed: announcements, news, featured events, Twitter, campus alerts, and its news and outages.

Icon Legend

Tab button to view announcements at Manhattan College. Announcements

Tab button to view the latest news at Manhattan College. News

Tab button to view featured events at Manhattan College. Featured Events

Tab button to view post from various Manhattan College Twitter accounts. Twitter

Tab button to view campus alerts. Alerts

Tab button to view news and outages from ITS. ITS

Button to view a list of Manhattan College twitter accounts which you can subscribe to in-app. Twitter Account List

Navigating the Feed:

  • Browsing Posts: To navigate through posts, just swipe up and down.
  • Switching Feeds: To switch between feeds, just swipe left or right or tap the feed icons located at the top of the screen.
  • Viewing Post:
    • iOS Only
      • Tap a post to view a summary.
      • Tap and hold a post to view it in full.
    • Android
      • Tap a post to view it.
  • Additional Feature(iOS Only)
    • Tap the RSS button on Announcements to switch between feeds for Everyone, Students, and Employees
    • Tap the “@” button to choose what twitter feeds to display


View events happening on campus.

Viewing an Event.

Tap on a listed event under a day to view it.

Available Event Information:

  • Time
  • Location
  • Location provided by Google Maps
  • Event Summary

Subscribing to calendars and events.

You can subscribe to a calendar on your phone by pressing the plus button located on the top left of the calendar page. You can add an event to the calendar of your phone by pressing the plus located on the bottom right of an events page.

Viewing Other Calendars.

Just tap the calendar icon, with the check, located in the top left corner of the calendar page

The top portion of the Calendar section.
The top portion of the calendar with buttons for changing the currently displayed calendar, subscribing to the current calendar, and changing the calendar view type.

Icon Legend

Button to view a list of Manhattan College Calendars. Calendar Listing

Button to subscribe to a Manhattan College calendar on your device. Subscribe to Calendar

Button to switch between the closed and open view of the calendar. Switch Calendar View


The Quadrangle is a news organization run by the students of Manhattan College.

Navigating The Quadrangle:

  • Browsing Sections: Swipe up and down to navigate through articles in a section.
  • Switching Sections: Swipe left and right or tap the icons below the header to view.
  • Viewing Articles: Tap an article to view it.

Sections of the Quadrangle:

  • Latest
  • News
  • Features
  • Opinions-Editorial
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Sports
The top portion of The Quadrangle section.
The top portion of The Quadrangle with tab buttons for each section: latest, news, features, opinion-editorial, arts and entertainment, and sports.

Icon Legend

Tab button to view the latest articles from The Quadrangle. Latest

Tab button to view news articles from The Quadrangle. News

Tab button to view article features from The Quadrangle. Features

Tab button to view opinion pieces and editorials from The Quadrangle. Opinion-Editorial

Tab button to view the arts and entertainment section of The Quadrangle. Arts and Entertainment

Tab button to view the sports section of The Quadrangle. Sports

Button to view information about The Quadrangle. About the Quadrangle


Invite other Students or Employees to download Glance MC.

Featured Links

View featured quick links that help you with vital information such as Connecting to Wireless Display, Locate an Open Computer, and Report a Wifi issue in Dorm.


This section contains general information about the app, app support and the full tutorial. About view credits and privacy policy. Support you can send us feedback or view this page.


Get various public and personal notifications through the glance app. Tapping on a notification will either open a link or open the glance app.

Turning on/off notifications

Enable notifications via Glance app (Only on first launch):

When the app first launches, you will be asked by the system if you want to enable notifications for the glance app. Simply tap the "Enable" button, to begin receiving notifications.

Enable/Disable notifications (Android or iOS):

1. Go to your phones Settings app.

2. Go to the Notifications option.

3. Scroll up until you see Glance and then tap it.

4. Tap the switch to enable or disable notifications.

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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