How to Create a Qualtrics Account


Everyone at Manhattan College can have a Qualtrics account on Manhattan College's hosted version of Qualtrics.  This article provides the steps for creating your account on Manhattan College's hosted version of Qualtrics using Manhattan College's Single-Sign-On solution.


  1.  Navigate to Manhattan College's Qualtrics page.
  2. You will be redirected to the JasperNet login page.
    - Type in your JasperNet credentials.
    - Same as your Manhattan College Gmail account. 

    Manhattan College's JasperNet login page, described above
  3. Accept Qualtrics Terms and Conditions.
  4. You now have a Qualtrics account. You will be presented with the Qualtrics Research Core screen, shown below, where you can begin creating your own survey from scratch or from templates provided by Qualtrics. 

    Logged in view of Qualtrics Research Core screen, described above.


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