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Easy Accents is a free Google Add-on that allows you to easily enter letters that contain accents or special characters for a vast amount of foreign languages. This add-on removes the need to use keyboard shortcuts for entering accents and special characters. It uses an interface that allows you to simply specify the language you want, and then you can select the accent or special character you need.


Google Docs


  1. First you will have to download the add-on by navigating to the Easy Accents Download Page. Select Free where you will be asked to continue and allow permissions.
  2. Then you will be able to run the add-on by navigating to a Google Docs document and selecting the Add-ons tab at the top, and select Easy Accent and within that menu select Easy Accents - Start. image depicting how to start the easy accent addon
  3. This will open up a menu on the right side of the screen, where you can specify the language that you would like to use. Note there is a premium version of this that contains a few extra features, but the free version works very well.image depicting the language selection option for easy accent
  4. After selecting a language, you can now make a selection, which will be inserted where you cursor is placed.  image depicting the accent and special character selections for your selected language
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