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Email templates in Gmail (also called Canned Responses) are a way to send the same email without having to retype or copy and paste the email each time. With this feature, you can easily create templates and insert them into your emails.


Gmail on Web Browser


  1. First you will have to enable email templates. To do this, go to the Gear icon while logged into Gmail and select the Settings option. image depicting the settings button in gmail
  2. Once in the settings menu, select the Advanced Tab. Then select Enable for the Canned Responses (Template) feature.image depicting the advanced tab and where to enable the email templates feature.
  3. Remeber to select Save Changes. save changes
  4. After selecting the Save Changes button, you will be brought back to your inbox. There you will create a new email that will serve as the template that you are creating. Type into the body and subject and once you are done, select the three vertical dots in the bottom right of the email and select Canned Responses. Then select Save draft as template, and then select Save as new template. Once you do this, it will ask you to provide a name for the template. Make this a name that easily describes the template you are creating.image depicting the email composition page where you can create templates
  5. Once you are done naming the template, you will be able to use that template in future emails. When creating a new email, navigate to the canned responses menu through the three verticle dots menu, and select Canned responses. There, the template you created is located where it says, Insert Template. This will insert the contents of the template into the email. image depicting how to insert templates into an email

For additional help, please see Google's article on Creating Email Templates.

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