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MC Announcements Events Best Practices


It is important when creating Manhattan College Announcements and 25Live events that you follow these best practices in order to create the best online experiences.


MC Announcements

It is bad practice to include special characters such as ! in the title or page.

In order for your announcement to appear in the email, the Start Date must be set for no later than 3 a.m. on the day you want it to appear.

The headline is the first thing people read. Make sure it is compelling and gives a succinct summary of your message.

Please note that students cannot access the announcements system. If you are a student and need to submit an announcement on behalf of a club or organization, contact the Office of Student Engagement or your faculty moderator.

PDF files can be added as links to your announcement using your Google Drive account. These files should be supplementary only (e.g. a form or brochure). All important information must be included as text within the announcement itself.

It is important to make sure that when you are linking to a PDF, it must be accessible. To learn how to make a PDF accessible, please visit this Knowledge Base Article on Making PDF Documents Accessible.

For additional information and steps on how to attach PDF files to an announcement, please visit this link: Include PDFs using Google Drive

Please visit this link to view information and instructions on Social Media Policiy & Guidelines, Faculty and Staff Web Profiles, and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.


When posting elements such as tables on an announcement, especially if it is from a PDF, you must make sure that they are accessible as well.

Format and use simple tables with column and row headers. Split nested tables up into simple tables, and don’t use tables to control layout.

Rationale: Complex tables can be difficult for readers to follow and comprehend, especially for screen reader users who have to remember the headers.

Accessiblity is also important when creating forms. To create an accessible online form, you must ensure that all form fields have accurate labels or prompts so screen reader users know what each field is asking for.  Forms typically have labels or prompts that are obvious to sighted users, but their association with particular form fields is made based on visual cues, such as relative position and proximity to the field. Since screen reader users don’t have access to these same visual cues, labels and prompts must be explicitly associated with form fields within the HTML. Following are a few techniques for accomplishing this.

Partially reposted from: Creating Accessible Forms


In 25Live, you have the option of choosing advertisement within Manhattan College. This will allow your event to be advertised within MC Announcements. Select the ADVERTISE  category to have your event advertised in the web calendar, website, email, digital signage, and MC Glance AppSelect the advertise category to have your event advertised in the web calendar, website, email, digital signage, and app

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