Google Meets Feature Requests and Resolutions


Google Hangouts Meet is a very useful application that can help to cultivate productive online learning and working. Below, please find resolutions for frequently requested features for Google Hangouts meet and their resolutions.


Google Hangouts Meet. 

Feature Requests and Resolutions

  1. Feature Request: Ability to show all participants in a grid. 

Solution:  Google Chrome has an extension that you can download which will allow you to view everyone in your Meet in a grid view. Additionally, there are different layout settings that you can choose from during your meeting as well.

  1. Feature Request: Breakout rooms. 

    Solution: You can create new meeting rooms for groups for your participants and send them the links. As the creator of the groups you will be able to pop in and out as often as you would like.

    Ideally, you can also empower your students to create these groups and send you the meeting link so you may join as you wish. This adds value because it encourages students to take ownership of their learning experience!

  2. Feature Request: Integrated whiteboard feature . 

Solution: Google Jamboard! Hangouts Meet will allow you to share your screen and you can use Google Jamboard as a whiteboard. Jamboard is actually more than a simple whiteboard.  It is a whiteboard on steroids! It is an enriching tool that allows the freedom of collaboration as well. You can share your Jam with your students before, during, or after allowing them to view or edit as necessity dictates for the purpose of your class. 

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973.

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